Censor Plugin

The censor plugin provides administrators and moderators a simple way to filter certain types of malicious and offensive content, such as:

  • Invite Links
  • URLs
  • Inappropriate or Offensive words

This, combined with the Spam plugin can result in a very robust automatic abuse-prevention system.

Configuration Options

Option Description Type Default
levels A mapping of levels to Censor Configurations. This will match any user with a level that is equal or lower dict empty
channels A mapping of channels to Censor Configurations dict empty

Censor Configuration

Option Description Type Default
filter_zalgo Whether to filter zalgo text from messages bool true
filter_invites Whether to filter invite links from messages bool true
invites_guild_whitelist A list of whitelisted guild IDs for invite codes list empty
invites_whitelist A list of whitelisted invite codes or vanities list empty
invites_blacklist A list of blacklisted invite codes or vanities list empty
filter_domains Whether to filter the domains contained within URLs bool true
domains_whitelist A whitelist of domain names list empty
domains_blacklist A blacklist of domain names list empty
blocked_tokens A list of tokens (can appear in the middle of words) that are blacklisted list empty
blocked_words A list of words (must be seperated by a boundary) that are blacklisted list empty

Configuration Example

        filter_zalgo: true
        filter_invites: true
        invites_guild_whitelist: [205769246008016897, 272885620769161216]
        invites_whitelist: ['discord-developers', 'discord-testers', 'discord-api', 'events', 'discord-linux', 'gamenight', 'discord-feedback']
        invites_blacklist: []
        filter_domains: true
        domains_whitelist: []
        domains_blacklist: ['website.net']
        blocked_tokens: ['token1', 'token2']
        blocked_words: ['word1', 'word2', 'word3']
        blocked_words: ['word4']

Note: Every censor configuration setting can be applied to either levels or channels

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